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A Door Brace is So Simple but Important to Have and Use!

Originally published June 11th, 2009

Who would have ever thought that in a world where everybody has home surveillance systems, computers, talking GPS systems, microwave ovens, satellite television with 8,000 channels, and all of this other great technology, that something so simple, and non-electronic, and non-computerized, could be so important? I am talking about a nifty little clever invention called a Door Brace.

A Door Brace is Simple Effective Security

This is a product that is made out of metal, is extendable to the length that you need, is collapsible to easily be stored or to travel, and it can be put in place each night, under the door knob and down to the floor, to prevent the door from being pushed open, even if it is somehow unlocked. What could be better for the person who lives alone, the college student, or the person staying in a hotel room while traveling? The door brace is a great idea, and what is even a better idea is for YOU to have one for when you do travel, and they make great gifts for any friends or family members that may have a need for something that will increase their safety, whether at home or anywhere.

It is a reality that the world that we live in is becoming more dangerous and there is more crime happening every time we turn around or we turn on the news. Protect yourself and those that you care about with self defense and personal protection items, and if you don’t have a store in your area that sells such things, not to worry; these kinds of products can be purchased online at a variety of great websites and online stores that specialize in protecting folks and their homes, as well as their possessions.

The door brace is not only able to be wedged between the floor and the door knob or handle, but it can also be extended to the proper length, and inserted lengthwise into the track of a sliding glass door, making it impossible for someone to slide the door open, even if they somehow got the door unlocked from the outside. Sometimes folks have a sliding glass door with a broken or flimsy lock, and what keeps the door securely closed, is something of this nature in the track area.

So, whatever your needs are, and no matter how many doors in your home, a few of these door braces just might be a lifesaver some day. Order yours today or pick one up at Steve's Lock Out while you’re thinking about it.

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