Monday, June 13, 2016

Keys for Antique Locks

Originally posted Monday, June 8th, 2009

Antique Drawer Lock and Key

 Many people do not realize it, however, Steve’s Lock Out makes keys for antique locks as well as new ones. To the left is a picture of one made today in the shop. This particular lock uses a flat steel key that is cut on a special machine.

Car keys, tractor keys, “chip” keys, motorcycle keys…..the list goes on and on. There are not to many keys that we cannot make. Key prices can vary to a little over a dollar to hundreds for some remote head car keys. This is for simply  duplicating or copying a key. For originating a key (make one when there is no key or pattern to go by) the cost is substantially higher. For instance the average non-transponder key would cost about $2.50 in our shop to copy. When you’ve lost all the keys and we have to go to the vehicle to make keys it would cost on average $75. This includes coming out to the vehicle within city limits and making a key. We go alot farther than Parsons to make keys, however, mileage charges apply.

Flat Steel Key

Above is a better picture of the key. There is a lot of talk of bumping going around on the internet, however, this is one type of lock that is immune to bumping. Locks such as this one use levers much like the ones in safety deposit box locks in banks only much smaller. This lock has 2 levers which while immune to bumping, can be picked  by someone with only a little practice and experience.

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  1. Are you familiar at all with Sargent & Greenleaf folding mausoleum key? I found an old family key and trying to figure out what it is. It also has a number on it > 209. If so would you have a photo of one. TY. Or do you know of anyone who might be knowledgable on this key? On one forum, I did find some info by a MrWizaard, but the photos did not show and I could not find a way to contact MrWizard. TY !!
    Philip Franklin