Thursday, April 28, 2016


Just to introduce myself, my name is Stephen Passwater. I am a locksmith/security tech in Parsons, Kansas. I have been locksmithing as Steve's Lock Out for over 17 years. I also am a big fan of many aspects of history which will be reflected here.
I have documented some of my more interesting jobs and some day to day things, however, due to circumstances beyond my control my blog was eliminated. I was able to retrieve many posts curtesy of the Wayback Machine.
I will be reposting many of those articles and adding new ones here from time to time.
I also run a fun place called Cosmic Castle. The photo below is me and some of my crew at Cosmic Castle on Steampunk Saturday. I'm on the right. My wife Anna is sitting in front of me. My youngest son Joshua is to my right. My oldest son Andrew is on the left. And a good friend of mine, Mike May, in black between my sons.

Steampunk Saturday at Cosmic Castle

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